Re-entering: Visual Ghost

Ghosts are not but they appear and they become. Once they are there, they disappear. They are do not last and at the same time, at the moment of appearance they fill the space with their time and their presence. A ghost is present but not visible, is not materialized in matter but tangible, even if only in sensations or thoughts.

Visual Ghost is something that appears between the performance and the audience, or we could say an event and a perceiver – without them nothing would come into presence.

During SODA, I engaged in investigations of how to provoke these phenomena through the body, sounds and text. Attempting to trigger the audience in the ways I mention, to experience certain kind of 'images' not present in vision but nevertheless still present.

I focused on contradicting body signals and on the use of sound in order to create mental images, or distorting the perception of actions. I worked with the idea of choreographing the eye using text and the use of it as an extension of perception. I embodied the “Visual Ghost” following traces that remained in the space.

In this final piece I compound all of those studies, approaching the concept of Visual Ghost in a different way to make reference to theater or performance itself. The space gets deconstructed, and this deconstruction comes as an attempt to 'dismantle' the performance.

You could see it as the story of the story of the story, or the memory of the memory of the memory. There is a logic to it, a ghostly logic.

                                                                                               picture: Christiane Schniebel

Concept and Performance: Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez
Music and live performance: Inon Peres
Voice: Zinzi Buchanan
Light design: Sandra Blatterer
Stage and graphic: Markus Mayer
Dramaturgy: Daniel Wittkopp
Outside eye and assistant: Anna Weißenfels
Costume advise: Ebba Fransén Waldhör
Mentors: Isabelle Schad and Siegmer Zacharias
Tutor: Boyan Manchev

8. December 2014 - 9. December 2014
8. December 2014, 21.00 Uhr
9. December 2014, 21.00 Uhr
Uferstudio 14